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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Schooling Children With Down Syndrome- Extended Comment

So this week I read the article Citizenship In School: Reconceptualizing Down Syndrome and appreciated the topic discussed in this article.  I personally believe that the argument is one that needs to change and is one I can personally agree with.  After reading the article I took my normal rounds of reading other peers posts for a better understanding of the article.  There is one post that I really liked this week for many reasons.  This blog had some very good quotes and good arguments to support them.  After reading the article I decided that I'm going to write an extended comment blog.  My extended comment blog this week is on Jen's post from earlier today.

Jen always writes exquisite blogs week after week. I really liked the quotes that she used.  I thought that those quotes portrayed Kliewer's argument very well.  More importantly though, the quotes supported her argument.  Which goes into the other reason for my liking of Jen's post.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading her stories and her honest opinion.  The way she represented her beliefs and feelings added a certain factor that kept me engage with her blog.

One factor that I mentioned in my blog are the quotes that Jen used from the article.  They are strong quotes that have a lot of meaning in my opinion.  The quotes that she used are as followed.

"We have got to learn to get along as individuals and as citizens"
"To eliminate a single person through any form of banishment, no matter how benevolent the logic, reduces the web and makes the community a less democratic and less rich place"
"Educating all children together reconfigures the representation of Down Syndrome from burden toward citizenship" 

These three quotes are sentimental and truthful.  Out of all the great information and writing from this article.  I consider these quotes to be the most valuable in this article and I'm glad that Jen brought them up.

Another reason why I appreciated Jen's post is because of her writing.  This blog post was more than just one type of blog.  It's like a mash-up of different ways of writing blogs.  She mashed-up quotes, argument, and connections post all into one.  This blog is a triple threat in the blogger world.  I can't name any flaws from her post.  It's well written, has great connections, supports her opinion and describes the argument of the article accurately.  If you want to have a general idea and understanding  of Kliewer' s article.  Then simply read Jen's blog.  Great post this week Jen.  I'm glad to see a post that stated my beliefs and and helped me understand the reading.

I found this inspiring video on youtube of a girl with down syndrome talking about how teachers should teach.  It's a great influence for me as a teacher in training.