The truth about music.

"Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtues"


Friday, May 2, 2014

Youth In Action

Youth in Action came to our class the other day and it was an interesting and confusing experience.  Mainly because I had to blow up a condom like a balloon, but that's besides the point.  I was confused because I didn't understand the point Youth in Action were trying to teach us.  I never felt so stupid in FNED before.

I understand the lesson now after discussing with the my classmates and professor.  There is one thing that still bothers me though.  I asked myself this question to this day.  Why didn't I get it the first time?

I understand how my groups' egg was suppose to break.  We didn't have valuable resources or the access to succeed.  After all, how can you save an egg from the second floor with 3 condoms? Anyways, since our egg survived we didn't understand the point of the egg drop.  We thought that our box resembled society and our egg represented the people that live in that society.  Since our egg survived, we didn't think about ability and access the same way they expected us too.  

I do believe that our class has way more ability to understand the lesson by doing the egg drop.  After all our egg survived with 3 condoms.  Reality is though that people don't survive with 3 condoms.  relating it to Delpit. It's just the rules and codes of power.  People with more power and money have more access than the family who has more ability but no access.  
It is a shame that our society has come to this point. The point of no matter how much ability you have, you still might not be able to succeed.  You would think that ability should affect the access you have, not the access affect your ability.  I mean sure, that can be the case with any situation.  I have the ability to play soccer, but if I don't have the access of proper equipment and a field I couldn't play.  I understand how it happens everyday in real life.  I just think it's insane that our ability and access affects our ability to survive a normal accessible life.

I believe that everyone should have the access to use their abilities in life.  I also think that someones ability should alter their access.  Those are my beliefs.  Unfortunaetly it's not a reality, instead our society has set access points for our generation.  In this case the truth really does hurt.

I'm still grateful for Youth In Action coming to my class.  It was a great experience and I had a blast participating with my peers with the egg drop.  Although we didn't understand the lesson at the moment.  I understand it now and that lesson is helping me on my path to becoming not only a great teacher, but a good person.

Special Event

I was able to go back home to watch my High School Musical this year.  The musical this year was Shrek.  It's a great show and the students did a great job performing the show.  Their was one thing I couldn't get off my mind throughout the show though.  All I kept thinking about was how I can relate this to my FNED 346 class.

It was easy to connect the two.  Considering the fact that we talk about diversity all the time.  Nothing saids diversity like an Ogre, talking Donkey, Pinocchio, and other mystical creatures.  Watching the show made me think about our society as well.  If they were able to unite and over power differences and segregation.  Why can't we do that when we are all people?  Why does society have diversity issues when we aren't that different from one another?  Shrek is a reminder of what and how society should act today.

I was also able to make another connection to the musical Shrek.  There were Delpit moments left and right throughout the show.  Shrek, Fiona, and Lord Farquaad worried about the rules and codes of power throughout the show.  Shrek wanted his swamp back so he could have his power back.  Fiona wanted to be a beautiful princess, so she wanted to have the power of being beautiful.  Lord Farquaad simply wanted to rule the whole kingdom.  Of course, at the end of the musical though the power doesn't matter cause love concurs all.  I know it's cliche but that's how it ends like every other musical haha.

Shrek is a musical that I think every person who is either interested in education or is currently a teacher should see.  The storyline has our FNED class written all over it.  It is a great show!  The music is great but the hidden lessons and meanings are what steal the show.  At least, that's my opinion.

Here is one of my favorite songs from the musical.  It's when Donkey asks Shrek a simple question.  If you could be anything? who would you be?  I think this song can relate to our class because it involves how the rules and codes of power affect our feelings of who we are.  So Enjoy and Thanks for reading. :)