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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Literacy with an Attitude- Argument

This was a really long article to read.  After reading this article, I like my other peers read some other posts from our classmates.  I believe that everyone can make the connection between Finn and Delpit.  The rules and codes of power affect every school system.  Our society is based upon following the rules and codes of power.  The way Finn handled his classroom is a great representation of how a classroom should be run.  He treated the students like adults and was straightforward with them.  In today's society, teachers can't baby the students any more.  Our society consists of both independence and individuality.  How can students become successful in this democratic society without being taught how to become a successful and independent individual?

One part of this article that was a real eye opener was when Finn talked about the five schools in Northern New Jersey.  I understand the rules and codes of power and how they affect every school district in the country.  It's still unbelievable to see these drastic differences within a close distance from one another.

I personally believe it's despicable. The fact that students are limited to what education they receive based upon where they are from and where they live.  Reading about the inequality students have is a cause for action in my opinion.  I understand the variety of levels in education in order to adapt to the individuals that are learning said education.  I guess what I don't understand is the differences in education at an early age.

Finn talks about these five schools and compares them by contrasting their differences through the education students receive and the teachers teaching. Finn gathered this information from Jean Anyon's study of fifth grade classes in public schools.  These five schools are located in either "rich rich neighborhoods" or "not so rich neighborhoods" in northern New Jersey.  The differences between them is unbelievable.  The way some teachers teach and how they teach their students is preposterous.  Telling students to "do it this way or it's wrong" and to say that "students are getting dumber every year" shows how the education system is at fault for the level of success with our society.  The best way to put it in my opinion is as simple as this.  TEACHERS AREN'T DOING THEIR JOB!  No teacher in our society should speak, think, and act this way with students.  These teachers are found in schools called a "working class school".  Then, on the opposite end of the spectrum, we have schools that are considered "executive elite schools".  These schools are considered more rigorous and more intellectual.  Finn wrote towards the end of this section describing "executive elite schools" the purpose of these schools.  "In the executive elite school the children were developing a relationship to the economy, authority, and work that is different from all the other schools. They learned grammatical, mathematical, and other vocabularies by which systems are described. They were taught to use these vocabularies to analyze and control situations. The point of school work was to achieve, to excel, to prepare for life at the top." Which is great for students in those schools cause they are receiving a "BETTER" education.

Once again I understand how the education has to have diverse ways to receive an education to adapt to the population.  What I don't understand is why the place you live or where you come from or money you have affect this?  I have to note that I'm talking about the differences in education from public school K-12, not college or any extra education methods.  The contrasts from public school to public school are too radical.  I regard this information and facts should change because we aren't giving students an equal or fair opportunity to achieve to their highest ability.  No matter what public school you come from, everybody should be taught in the best way for them to achieve success.

If public schools became less diverse in their teaching methods;  Students would all have an equal chance to make a difference and have the qualification to strive for something more.  I know from experience that some teachers teach students how to be successful after high school.  Meaning that some teachers don't prepare you for the college level.  In order to be successful in society today, you almost have to go to college.  These variations from public school to public school jeopardize the students' chances at being successful.

To summarize my beliefs and my post.  Students are either screwed or privileged from their first day of school in a public school.  Why should students be segregated like this and possibly loose an opportunity to receive an education that'll do more than just get them by? After all, we can't know how or what a student will become at such an early age.  As teachers, we need to give students the freedom to learn and figure it out on their own.

This is a great youtube video that I found taking about the education system.  It's also pretty cool because of the drawing but please watch it.  It's very thought provoking.


  1. Loved your post this week! I totally agree, there are teachers who just aren't doing their job. But at the same time, the system we have set up doesn't hold them responsible an actually allows and encourages their current methods. it's really crazy to think about how students' futures can be determined by what elementary school they attend.

  2. Good post this week. I loved the pictures and they were very fitting to the topic this week. Your points were awesome and like Sarah's post, helped me get and idea of what to do this week. Overall, good job.

  3. Great post this week! You made some really good points. I completely agree with you when you say that it's despicable that the education of students is limited depending on where they live and who they are, it shouldn't be that way! I really liked the pictures and video too, nice job!

  4. I felt the same exact way when I was reading what Anyon had to say about the five schools in New Jersey, you literally wrote what was on my mind... And I also felt the same when you said each child should be allowed to receive the same education. The world would be a much better place if that was how it always was! Great job this week! Keep it up

  5. Hey Doug, your post this week was really thought provoking and had many points that I agree with. I absolutely love your Judge Judy picture, I think it fits perfectly with what the reading was about. I completely agree that it is despicable that we give kids education based on their class status. Great job!!