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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Unlearning The Myths- Hyperlinks

This read is quite intriguing.  Considering the fact that it incorporated a lot of historical truth.  I know for a fact that since I was little I always watched cartoons.  To be honest, I watch some cartoons still to this day.  I know that I am not the only kid that can state how the media affected my life.  The studies have shown the impact of cartoons.  Our society is trying to "fix" or "get rid of" racism.  We can't do this if we don't realize where it all started.  Fortunately, Christensen was able to post this article and shed a new light on the troubles of our society. 
The reason for this article is to talk about how cartoons affect young children.  I read this one blog post by Mr. Epidemiology about how cartoons affect children's attention spans.  I have attached the hyper link at the end of the paragraph for your reading pleasures.  This article consists of a study by researchers at the university of Virginia.  This test was testing for the attention span of children enduring three categories.  The three categories are fast-paced television, educational television, and drawing.  After reading the post and research, it's blaintenly obvious that television has an affect on children's attention spans.  When children's attention spans are altered, their learning capabilities are altered as well.  How do we expect our children to learn and succeed with these conditions?  The conditions of watching cartoons and simply loosing brain cells.

This next hyperlink is very informative because of all its valuable information.  This article titled "Effects of Cartoons on Children", mentions the serious impact of cartoons on children from every aspect. "Television's Effect on the Brain and Eyes", "Increased Risk in Child Safety", and so on are a few aspects that cartoons impact.  This article states the research from every angle about the effects of cartoons.  It's a great article with one problem.  The only problem is the research is accurate and correct.  Read this article and after you read a section question our society.  Ask why our society has become violent, prejudice, racist and so on.  We wonder why we have these problems in our civilization.

Unlearning The Myths" is a fantastic read.  The key point and phrase throughout this article is "secret education".  Meaning what children learn from cartoons without being told deliberately about the subject matter.  Children learn from experiences and what they learn.  "Monkey see monkey do" it is as simple as that.  Children aren't born racist or violent, they simply watch and learn.  Cartoons affect children in a variety of ways.  It's not the child's fault, they don't know better.  They soak up what ever they can in their brain, like a sponge.  I can connect this article to on of my posts about "Saying The Words".  Christensen wrote this article to simply say the words.  Being able to admit a problem and come up with a solution and put it inaction is inspiring.  Cartoons do alter children's lives in a variety of ways.  Cartoons can either be a positive or negative influence on children.  How society decides to adapt to it and make a change is up to us.  That's what Christensen is doing; she is simply "saying the words".

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